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What we offer at It Has To Be Done Business Academy

How it works
How it works with us
The payee is the only person that i will respond to from any email sent to me.
An email contact form is at the bottom of the relevant page that you purchase. I shall only answer subject related questions from any pages you have purchased.
I have spent 46 years working for myself and the past 25 years in pest control and have learnt and seen a lot, however by sharing some of my knowledge with you I gain good karma, by helping you make or save money, which means my skills and knowledge are not wasted.
Over the years of owning my own businesses, I noticed an increase in people starting to work for themsleves with very little understanding of what is required to make that start, I have also seen a lot of DIY pest control treatments being carried out incorrectly, and without understanding the problems that can occur.
Of course, I understand that due to the high cost that some people charge to kill a wasp nest or carry out general pest control, it is understandable that you would want to save money.
I was always critical of pest controllers and other trades pushing their prices up just because someone had a fear of the insect or pest or worse still could not carry out any work or start a business for fear of failure.
If you have a dream of working for yourself or using knowledge that you have gained to help others, then use that knowledge with confidence.
Due to the number of people that ask me how to carry out DIY pest control I have decided to dedicate this website to just that, and share my knowledge with those that wish to know more and are prepared to pay for advice based upon my skills.
The information offered is not just about pest control treatments, but also for those that wish to work for themselves in other professions, the starting blocks are all the same no matter what the trade.
My main concern is not that you wish to save money by trying to treat them yourselves, but for you to use the correct product for the pest you are treating and in the correct manner.
Above all your safety is the most important factor to consider, followed closely by the safety of those around you and pets.
I can help you with the first stage of deciding if working for yourself is what you want.
Just click the relevant tab on the business academy tab.
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